Friday, August 12, 2011

Sierra's Birthday Party

This year I decided Sierra was old enough to actually care whether she had friends at her party or not. So we had 9 of her friends over for a little Friday evening party. It was really fun. The kids were so cute and played well together and we got to hang out with our friends too!
Sadly, I was so busy planning things and making food that I didn't charge my camera and it died after taking 5 pictures. Luckily my friend Jen and my sister in law Alyssa had their cameras so it wasn't a complete disaster.

the invitations

the birthday girl

i thought Adelyn represented the lollipop theme fairly well
Victoria playing pin the candle on the cupcake

It was so much fun planning a party this year. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!


Heather said...

last photo: pointed toe. Love it. :)

You did a great job on this Hilary!!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Super cute party! She is adorable and I love all of the special touches you did!

(ps: I didn't sand that cabinet b/c I used a really good primer first... good luck with your table!)

Maria said...

Happy Birthday, Sierra!!! I LOVE her party! How cute!

Ashley and Dorian said...

what a pro party!!!! you seriously made it look professional. and again...brooklyn really looks like charlotte!!! its ridiculous. i guess we'll see when we can compare them in real life, maybe its just pictures but they totally look like each other in the ones ive seen!