Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ashley, Dorian & Charlotte come for a visit

My sister-in-law Ashley and her husband Dorian came to visit in mid-February to bless their sweet baby girl, Charlotte. It was so fun having them here! Dorian did a little photoshoot of all the babies, which was chaos-but hilarious. Ashley brought back a St. Patrick's day craft for the girls to work on, while the boys watched the babies. It's so fun to have 4 little cousins the same age-we can't wait for them to grow up and be old enough to all play together!

my sweet little niece Charlotte, looking beautiful on her blessing day. The whole group: Kye, Dad, Mom, Ashley, Charlotte, Dorian, Ryan, Dane, Alyssa, Maci, Me, Eric, Brooklyn, Clyde & Jess with their babies (Sierra had already run off to nursery) Sierra & her little friend Summer (Dorian's niece) Our cool St. Patrick's day craft


Maria said...

Hil, you and your girls are SOO beautiful! Love you!

Phil and Ashlee said...

Your girls are so gorgeous! I love the pictures with all the kids and Vicki. I bet she was in heaven.

Sommer said...

What great pictures!!! How fun for Eric's parents and how fun for your kids to get to have so many little grandchildren/cousins close in age. Adorable!