Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So at the end of May Eric had a trip for work to Spain planned. As soon as it was confirmed I booked tickets to Canada for me and Sierra to see my family while he was gone. As soon as they were booked, Eric's Spain trip got cancelled. Cool, huh? Not really. But we had a lot of fun anyways even though Eric was just chilling at home alone for a week and a half.

mini Russ

ready for the beach!

Port Dover

me & amby

my dad and sierra

Sierra and cousin Katrina playing at the park

my mom, me, sierra and my grandma (we took about 50 pictures and not one of them had us all looking normal-i figured sierra wouldnt mind if i posted this one haha)

Talia and Sierra playing in the pool on Victoria Day

Sierra and Robin's little boy Jack-lookin a little WT

So precious

We went to a petting zoo. Sierra was a little scared of the horses.

my dad, heather, katrina, and talia eating ice cream in the extreme heat

my mom with sierra who did not appreciate the heat

we got bored and decided to paint sierra's toes

she is obsessed with them now. she keeps pointing to them and saying "toes! pink!"


Ryan and Jacquie said...

So fun! I vote that next time Eric has a trip (that doesn't cancel of course) you book tickets to Indianapolis :) miss you!

Kimberly said...

She has gotten so big! I miss you guys! I feel after you head to Indianapolis, you kidnap Jac and you all come to Texas!!! :)

The Pierce Family said...

It's always nice to visit home!