Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas and New Years in Canada!

After Christmas we packed and took a flight to Canada to see my family! Sierra did great on the flight. She was obsessed with the pamphlets, magazines, etc. in the seat pocket and even fell asleep in our laps which NEVER happens. It was so nice to spend the second half of the holiday's with my family, we are so lucky to live close enough to our families to always see both sides every year!

We always getting matching pajamas on christmas eve and wear them down christmas morning!

Eric(concentrating on the candy from his stocking), Talia, me and Amber

first time opening a stocking

pleased with her lip gloss...

eating her lip gloss...

wearing her lip gloss!

Ken and Katrina

Talia got a chest full of dress up clothes and accesories and she LOVED it. It was so cute!

Thank you Grandma!

Sierra was obsessed with the fireplace. She loved stepping up onto it. Apparently Talia is fanning her. haha

Sierra wanted to play dress up too

Getting a ride while Grandma opens a gift

We got my mom a purple purse for Christmas

Dinner at Turtle Jacks with Amber and Russ. SO TASTY. We will defnitely be going back!

Sierra was hiding from my cousin's little boy. haha

The cousins. Talia, Katrina and Sierra.
she loves to smell her bunny's ear.

Sierra with Robin's little boy Jack. You may remember him from this post.

Happy to be drinking out of her own cup at East Side Mario's

I guess the lime isn't her favorite fruit.


brandenandrobin said...

I love the picture of the two of them.. I'm impressed you got one where t hey are both atleast paying semi-attention!

Heather said...

ahahahahahahahahaha @ the video :)

Katie said...

this video is soooo funny. She had no idea what she was in for when she took that!

Amber said...

She was NOT pleased with the taste of that lime. I guess she forgot about the lemon at Kelsey's last year. poor little munchkin :)

Heather said...

"Look Talia, it's you with your 2 aunties!"
Talia: "Yeah... and my Unk."