Monday, November 16, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Barbie, Ken and a little fairy
People thought we were Heidi and Spencer. They also guessed I was Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton. hahaha

Sierra and her cute little witch friend Victoria
Danny and Sandy showed up fashionably late
Sandy and Barbie just hangin out in the hall of the church. No big deal.
Ken and Danny showing their true colors.
It was fun to dress up this year, even if they were minimal costumes. Eric's wig was the most hilarious thing. It was just so hideous, no one could take it.
The cutest little baker. I used to team teach primary with this lady. She is a hoot. (did i really just say hoot?)
The fairy was pretty tired on the way home
But don't worry, she perked right up once we got her in the door and was ready for more partying.


Kimberly said...

i love your costumes! eric's wig is so crazy. i miss you guys! come to texas and visit me! :)

The Pierce Family said...

You guys looked so great! I wish I could get David to dress up. Love the picture of Sierra with the wig on.