Friday, March 6, 2009

8 Months

I feel like I just did the 7 months post. But, alas there are some new things to post about. The little girlie just keeps on growing and learning new things.

-she learned how to sit up on her own shortly after the seven months post.
-she now has 4 teeth. two on the top and two on the bottom. they are so sharp and so cute.
-the above has resulted in grinding those little pearly whites. it's terrible! it's torturous to listen to and she gets furious if i put my finger in her mouth to try to stop her.
-she just learned how to pull herself up into a standing postion holding on to something (as i mentioned in my last post) and is obsessed with trying to pull up onto everything now!
-we started giving her little puffs and pieces of toast, carrots and potatoes etc. we also got her a sippy cup which she likes to bite on and doesnt ever drink out of normally but still manages to get some out.
-she loves playing peekaboo (i dont know if it's really considered peekaboo. more like me throwing a blanket over her head and her trying to get it off)
-she's become quite the mommy's girl and reaches for me all the time now if someone else is holding her.
-she responds to her name
-she loves being outside and gets completely silent when she's out there.
-she also loves sitting in her stroller without the car seat and kicks her feet the whole time.
She is a hilarious little baby and i love spending my days with her.

getting over the blanket barrier

standing up by herself on daddy's speaker lol

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Shawn and Krystal said...

oh SO the blanket barrier...that didn't work ha ha