Monday, October 6, 2008

3 Months Old!

Sierra is 3 months old today! So I thought I better record what she is up to these days because I don't want to forget.
-She is trying so hard to roll over from her back onto her tummy, she'll get herself onto her side and burrow her head into the ground as hard as she can until she can't hold it any longer and then she rolls back over. It is so funny to watch.
-She will scoot around now and push off of things. We find her turned around in her crib now when we go to get her.
-She talks/coos all the time and smiles and laughs especially when you talk to her excitedly
-she sleeps at night on average 7 hrs!
-she loves to hear herself scream. it is so funny. she'll let out a huge scream and then smile huge and do it again louder.
-she LOVES the bath and kicks and moves her hands and arms around so vigorously that her knuckles get red from hitting the side. Then she gets so mad when we take her out!
-she also loves laying on the ground and kicking
-she does not love laying on her stomach-she usually gets frustrated after about 2 minutes and starts crying
-she loves looking at things. Especially her hands, her little bug on her bouncer, and lights.
-she just started closing her mouth when you kiss her on it. she used to always open it the second you got close to it.
-she loves to grab onto my hair and jewelry-not her best talent
-and last but not least sierra is obsessed with sticking her tongue out lately! it is so funny. it is always out and she is always blowing bubbles.
We love our little baby girl so much. She is so much fun and we couldn't imagine our lives without her! She is growing up so fast it is unbelievable!
We tried to get a video of her doing her half roll and burrow but as soon as she saw me taping her she looked at me and then got distracted by the tv. haha


brandenandrobin said...

ahh I loved this post. Jack is obsessed with his tongue too. we were at the mall the other day and this 5 year old girl was behind us in line with her mom and just kept saying wow he loves his tongue.. why is he sticking his tongue out so much Mom.. it was tooo funny!!

Kimberly said...

she is sooo cute...when I have my lil boy, we'll have to come visit or something so they can hang out and be buddies!!! :)

Carl and Mel said...

She is so darling. Who took your picture of her in the basket on the side of your blog? That is DARLING!!

Kimberly said...

My future brother-in-law (Kari's Husband Matt)'s sister made it for me. (the title of the blog). My older sister has gotten so crafty in the 8 or 10 years she has been married. I love it cause she makes me stuff to cutesy up my house!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog through Kelly's and noticed that your little girl was born the same day at ours!! Reiley Elizabeth was born on July 6th too!

Brandon and Kristina said...

THey do grow so fast huh? I took avery to the doc. the other day and she is already 10 lbs. Where did time go???