Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girls Camp

Last week we had our Girls Camp. It was kind of sad because I planned it, but wasn't about to stay up there 9 months pregnant overnight. So I missed a lot of it. But I did go up three times and everything seemed to go fairly well. Here's a picture of all the leaders in their "Be Loyal to the Royal" T-shirts I had made. (Aren't they so cute all dressed in pink? haha) It's hard to believe camp is over again, but a relief not to have to stress over it anymore. This was my third year being stake camp director, so we'll see what next year brings...


Carl & Mel said...

The shirts are way cute. Isn't it nice to have it over! Huge weight lifted off the shoulders! I am sure you did a great job and I am impressed you went up 3 times. That is dedication!

Jenae said...

Hilary, I have been meaning to leave you a comment for a long time - you look so darling pregnant! I seriously wish I looked like you...I was enormous! I hope you are doing well, I love looking at your blog!

Susan said...

Wow! What a big even to plan. Those shirts are cute though! I get so baby hungry every time I open your blog! Seriously you are too cute.

We are definitely considering DC for school so you know!

Hold tight! 9 more days to go and I think I'm way more nervous for you than you are!!!! PLease let me know when that baby is coming! Call me

PS: did you get our package??