Monday, May 5, 2008

Sister Visit

My sister, her husband & their adorable two yr old left us on Sunday after being here for a week. Now our house feels very empty and toyless! We had so much fun while they were here!

On Saturday before Ken (Heather's husband) flew out to Florida for a conference, we all took a trip to the park for a picnic. It was such a nice day!

Talia, Ken & Eric playing

Monday we drove to Silver Spring to visit Jacquie! We had lunch at our new favorite joint-California Tortilla, and mostly relaxed at Jacquie's house with a little shopping on the side. I had quite the traumatic experience at the mall with Talia. I was watching her while Heather looked in Gap Kids and she wanted to go on the "alligator" (escalator). It was the kind where only one person can fit on the step. Talia was trying to get on by herself but kept falling back when she tried to step on alone & I had the stroller with our purses in it. It was a disaster because I couldnt hold her up and take the stroller up at the same time. she decided she was going up whether I had the stroller or not so obviously i had to choose Talia over the stroller. We went up the escalator and the stroller stayed at the bottom with our purses. I was freaking out. I grabbed Talia, ran up the escalator and around the mall (of course the down escalator had to be on the other side of the mall) and back down and around to where the stroller was. Luckily it was still there. needless to say I was very out of breath and stressed out by the time i got to it. at least talia is alive and our purses weren't stolen :)

Tuesday we went shopping and got some maternity clothes and baby clothes and got my baby registry done at target. thank goodness for heather being there to help me because i had no idea what to register for! it was so nice to have someone to go maternity shopping with and baby clothes shopping with. yay for a pregnant sister!

me and Talia in front of my apt. with the pink flowers

Wednesday we went to my ob gyn apt. and i am pleased to announce that i have now gained 17 lbs! This is the only time that i will be pleased about gaining weight. haha After a quick stop by my work to resolve some issues, we ventured on to the outlets in pennsylvania! we didnt find any crib bedding at pottery barn but we did find lots of cute baby clothes!

Thursday we relaxed in the morning and picked up Ken from the airport that night. Then we took them to experience the deliciousness of five guys burgers and fries.

Friday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory (where else? this is becoming a routine in our lives)

Saturday we finally made it to the zoo! We made it there a little later than planned and i think all of the animals were retiring for the day because we didnt see much action. it was still fun though and we got a good workout walking around all day. on our way home we dropped by the dc temple and did a little maternity photoshoot. heather is an amazing photographer, and even though they were done after a sweaty day at the zoo i think we got some good shots! (i'll post some pics of the zoo and the photoshoot when i can get them from heather)

Sunday we said good bye and of course i cried. We'll miss our little visitors! Don't worry, they left behind a pajama shirt, talia's toothbrush and some little girl elastics for us to remember them by. Thanks for visiting us Olsen Family! We love you!

little talia doing the 'fishy face' i taught her :)


Ku'ulei said...

Quite the adventures! Lots of good shopping too. :) So nice to have a visit by family. Talia is adorable and I love that name. I had a friend in high school with that name. I like that picture of you two with the pink flowers! So cute. And look at you, lookin' all cute with your pregnant belly! :)

Pam Felix said...

Dear Hilary and Eric,

As the self-proclaimed Queen of Burritos, I'm thrilled that California Tortilla is your new favorite spot!

Thanks for mentioning us...

Yours Truly,

Melanie Whiting said...

Hilary you have only gained 17 pounds? What's the deal? I gained 40 with my first pregnancy and more every one after. I am jealous. I love sisters. It's so hard for me to not have my Kate have a sister but sometimes that is the way the cookie crumbles. They are the best, I am glad you had a fun week!

Maria said...

Ok so, Trevor is jealous that you guys went to Five Guys and I'm jealous you were outlet shopping in my home state!! :) It sounds like you had a great time!